FDC Front Lit LED Output Info

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FDC Front Lit LED Output Info

A question was asked about the front lit LED for the slate....


Since there was not enough interest we will not be making the Front Lit LED Bar. However, The LED contact is standard on all units, you just switch a jumper setting inside should you chose to use it (not recommended if you're in a wet environment).

There is a hole on the front panel that allows access to these contacts. It was designed for use with something like spring-loaded pogo pins from mill max (MFG Part Number: 811-22-002-30-001101). It'll drive multiple LEDs at least in parallel 320mA drive:-P

You will need to make/fabricate your own LED lighting to take advantage of the LED output and it will turn on/off along with the display when the slate is closed. Attached is a simple image of the LED contacts on the front of the unit :-)