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Located in Southern California, we are proud and committed to have all of our products made in USA.

We are here to broaden the use of timecode in film and broadcast by making professional, accurate and reliable products more affordable to everyone. The film and broadcast industry has had exponential growth with new cameras and audio recorders exploding onto the market and timecode support has some catching up to do. 

The Engineer.

George Tsai attended California State University, Long Beach and graduated in 2010 with BS in Electrical Engineering, Audio Engineering, and an Entrepreneurship Minor. After his freshmen year in college, he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. While serving in the reserves he continued his education at Long Beach. He spent two years away from school for a deployment to Iraq (Infantry, force protection) in 2005 and Afghanistan (Artillery, Section Chief) in 2009. He concluded his service with an honorable discharge as a Sergeant, E-5.

Today, he freelances (www.GTsai.com) within the film industry with his Red Epic-Dragon camera package and production audio equipment while advancing his skills in engineering. With all the experiences combined he was able to design, develop, and build the FUZE Slate you see here today.

George Tsai