Almost Ready....


Our new website is live to give you a glimpse at what we have planned for the near future, so at the moment you will not be able to place any orders. The site is still going through development so if you find any website issues or bugs please email us at

After nearly a year after our first Kickstarter campaign, we are almost ready to make a second attempt. The project has already been pre-approved by Kickstarter, so as soon as we finish the video for the Kickstarter the campaign will go live. Our previous campaign had an incredibly high goal of $120,000. Our new design has lowered the cost of tooling and manufacturing by a huge amount, all the way down to a funding goal of only $34,000. 

 Price for each complete slate will be $600. It will consist of the FDC Timecode Generator Display and the Compact Slate with the option to have the Black & White, Color, or natural wood clappers. 

The Timecode generator display will be weatherproof, IP 55, comes as standard;-) Attempting to completely seal up a rough printed prototype is a little more difficult but not impossible. Full seal upgrade should be available for the next crowd-funding campaign. Have not been able to test up to the full IP66 standard, but at the moment shallow waters is no problem:-)

Water Test


So keep an eye out for the beginning of our Kickstarter campaign here on our site, sign up for the newsletter, or drop your email at our Prefundia ( page. There will only be 15 early bird priced awards available:-)