New round of prototyping and a ballpark figure

Almost have everything in place for a new round of prototyping:-) Added to the design is the ability to have an optional front lit panel, which should be available after the new design goes into production. So far it's looking like each prototype will cost about $960USD to build with ABS printed enclosure and $870USD for Nylon printed enclosure. The prototypes will take about 5 weeks to build, but at the moment I don't know how long it will take until I recoup enough of my own funds to begin make them. 

I am considering the idea of offering a couple of the prototypes up for sale at cost plus shipping (and CA sales tax for those in CA) and would like to know if there are anyone interested. The prototype would include the main unit, front panel (non-lit), and clapper sticks. Additionally you will get direct support from me for the prototype, buy one of the first production unit at a discounted price of something in the neighborhood of $150USD (limit one), and probably a lifetime discount on all future products if we make it that far:-) Message me here or directly at

Ballpark figure for the amount needed to go into production is around $35,000USD with each complete slate at about $600USD for kickstarter and the actual MSRP post Kickstarter is still to be determined. The stand-alone unit (without front panel and clapper sticks) will also likely be offered by itself, probably around $500USD. Biggest reduction in manufacturing costs was with the tooling necessary for the injection mold process and the simplified panel design. A larger panel that fits in a front box will be available after production begins.