FDC A2 - A New Timecode Display & Slate

FDC A2 - A New Timecode Display & Slate....

New timecode display and upgrade paths!

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What's coming for 2019!

What's coming for 2019!....

Here's what's coming soon in 2019...

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New Webstore... Again! Plus Refurbs:-)

New Webstore... Again! Plus Refurbs:-)....

New Webstore, reduced prices, and refurb units available now!

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New Timecode Slate and Upgrade Path!

New Timecode Slate and Upgrade Path!....

Announcing our newest Aluminum M2 Timecode Slate!

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Almost Ready to Ship!

Almost Ready to Ship!....

We are almost ready to ship the new MRE timecode generator slates!

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MRE Production Update

MRE Production Update....

Many thanks to those that placed pre-orders for the MRE Timecode Slate!

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