FUZE Ti: DAGR and PEQ-2 Portable Timecode Generators

FUZE Ti: DAGR and PEQ-2 Portable Timecode Generators

We have two new and very affordable timecode generators coming soon. The DAGR, has 0.2" high characters and the PEQ-2 has 0.4" high characters. The portable timecode reader/generator runs on two AA batteries or external power 3.3-20V DC. It is pretty much a shrunk down version of the FDC timecode generator with the same operations. They share the same clock and have nearly identical coding and specs. 

The case is a generic ABS plastic case then milled to house the electronics, both use the same enclosure. The dimensions are 5.5"H x 3.0"W x 1.25"D including the BNC jack. For timecode IO there is BNC output, 1/4" TRS input/output, and the standard 5-pin LEMO input/output. The slate switch allows you to turn the display on and off as you would with clapper sticks on a slate. There is also a port for external trigger so you can even build your own mini slate. External power can be hot swapped. What I like doing is to use the AUX power from my +1 module as main source and have batteries too low to power my lavs to supply power in between camera battery swaps. Belt clip option is being looked into:-)

Battery life with Amazon Basic 2400mAH Ni-MH Rechargables is over 20 hours with the display off and 7 hours with the display on continuously at maximum. Duracell Duralock batteries gets over 9 hours with display on and 22 hours with display off. 

Pre-orders will be available on www.FUZETi.com website soon. The first available will be the DAGR (the 3 pictured prototypes) and you can expect the early bird price to be at $275 (for 2 weeks), regular pre-orders at $299.99, and the retail price once it begins shipping will be $350. There is some small changes but the production run will be very close to the prototype. The PEQ-2 is still in the works (CAD photo) so that will come later when the prototype is built and price determined (likely $50 more).



PEQ-2 Concept: