FDC A2 - A New Timecode Display & Slate

FDC A2 - A New Timecode Display & Slate

The New FDC A2 Timecode Generator Display and Slate

You can expect to see the new products and prices to trickle into our web-store over the next couple days.

New Brighter LED Display

Direct Sunlight at Max Brightness/Min Brightness
MRE New vs. Old LEDs

We have new LEDs so bright even the lowest setting can be seen in direct mid-day sunlight! Even with the brighter LEDs 4 AA Enelope Pro rechargeable batteries still lasts 12 hours at maximum brightness and 30 hours at minimum brightness with the display in constant on.

In the photo below current LED Display is on the left (all of our current models use the same display) and the new display on the right. The displays are using the same filter in the photo for direct comparison.
Old vs. New Led Direct Comparison

The base LED emits white light, which allows for the use of colored gels to get better contrast. Which means not only can we offer more than just the standard red digits, you can even cut one of your own. We cut these gels (in addition to our base filter included with the display) from generic packs like (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01N6NMVXT/) so not all gels are as effective as others. 

Display with no filter in place.

All Metal Design

Both slate panels and enclosure for the new display are 6061 Aluminum with type III hard anodizing. The panel includes an integrated back handle. An added bonus is the 1/4" jack commonly used in guitars, could this reduce the frequency of dropped slates? One can hope!

This new enclosure is IP66 weatherproff, with a better seal than the previous 3D printed verison.

Slate Panels

We have available a compact panel and a standard size panel options available. Both panels include the dry erase-able abrasion resistant plexiglass.


The clapper sticks are the same as the all our other slates. The clapper sticks can also be flipped around, though we recommend that you order extra decals to add to the other side.

Edge Lit Panel

One of the most requested feature, we are also working on a way to light the panel for dark scenes. the edge lit panel for the new slate, is in early testing. Looking into adding LEDs to light the clapper sticks as well. This will be probably be available sometime December-January. Edge lit panels will not be coming for the MRE or M2 slates, since both of those slates split the writing surface it makes the edge lighting cost prohibitive (You may as well switch over to the new slate design). 

Early edge lighting test.


FDC A2 Timecode Generator Display - $849.99

FDC A2 Compact Slate Panel - separately at $159.99, $145 with display

FDC A2 Standard Slate Panel - separately at $199.99, $175 with display

FDC A2 Compact and Standard Panel Bundle - $319.99

MRE Slate Price Drop - $649.99

M2 Slate Price Drop - $899.99

Upgrade paths:

We are offering several upgrade paths for owners of our current slates (Shipping not included). LED upgrade only option does not change out the plexiglass, and therefore no interchangeable color filters.

FDC Upgrade -

  • LED Upgrade Only $100
  • LED and Enclosure upgrade $499.99

M2 Upgrade -

  • LED Upgrade Only $100
  • Trade-In $200 Discount for FDC A2

MRE Upgrade-

  • LED Upgrade Only $150
  • Trade-In $150 Discount for FDC A2

To sign up and register for the upgrade programs, please email sales@fuzeti.com.