Directors Viewfinder 4250

  • Brand: FUZE Ti LLC
  • Product Code: DVF
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  • $60.00

3D Printed Directors Viewfinder from Canon T50 FD Camera - 4250

This is a 3D printed directors viewfinder using optics from old film cameras. Interchangeable mount allows you to use a large variety of lenses. With an imaging area of a still full frame 35mm format, you can use our DVF Sensor Size Inserts (sold seperately) to frame down to a variety of sensor sizes you are shooting with. Unlike most DVFs on the market, you can view with actual lenes you are going to shoot with and see the same framing as what you would expect to see in camera.

Interchangeable lens mounts is compatible with Red's DSMC Lens mounts. 

Since the optics are salvaged from used cameras, each DVF will vary. Below are photos of the unit you will receive for unit 4250. There is a chip in the viewfinder lens but does not extend into the image. Slightly scratched plastic ground glass element.


  • Core DVF unit
  • One set of four lens mount screws

Photos of unit 4250