M18 Mini Timecode (Discontinued)

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M18 Portable Timecode Generator

Our portable timecode reader/generator runs on two AA batteries or external power 3.3-20V DC. It is very much a shrunk down version of our FDC timecode generator with the same operations. They share the same clock and have nearly identical coding. Our timecode generator uses a temperature compensated oscillator. The clock has a tolerance of +/-1ppm, capable of achieving an accuracy of less than one frame drift over a 24 hour period. Operating at temperatures from -10 to 60°C while maintaining a stability of +/-1ppm. Right on par with Ambient and Denecke devices. The projected 10-year tolerance of our clock is +/-3.5ppm, a mass improvement over the typical +/-10ppm temperature-compensated quartz crystal over 10 years.

The display characters are 0.4" high. The case is a generic ABS plastic case then milled to house our generator. For timecode IO there is BNC output, 1/4" TRS input/output, and the standard 5-pin LEMO input/output. The slate switch allows you to turn the display on and off as you would with clapper sticks on a slate. There is also a port (mating connector Molex:53015-0210) for external trigger so you can even build your own mini slate. 

Amazon Basic 2400mAH Ni-MH Rechargables is over 19 hours and Duracell Duralock batteries gets over 21 hours with display off.

Slate Trigger:

There is a switch on the unit that acts like the clapper switch that displays user bits then shuts off the display. Additionally there is a port where you can wire up your own clappers to trigger the unit like a mini timecode slate! Mating Connector: Molex 0510040200 Housing, 0500118000 pins. 

Also available for sale is pre-packaged magnetic reed switch you can use to make your external trigger. https://fuzeti.com/accessories/magnetic-switch-set.html

What's Included:

  • 1 x M18 Portable Timecode Generator